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Classic Range

Our Classic Range of hot tubs are stunning yet simple in design. Every tub in this range is comprised of real wood composite side panels and steps, high density insulation foam and a durable acryllic shell. This adds up to an elegant design without compromising on performance, and will keep your energy costs low. Perfect for starter tubs.

All the hot tubs in this range come with built in mp3-sound system with bluetooth and beautiful LED lighting.

Prices starting from £4,495

Say goodbye to stress & hello to tranquillity

Premium Range

The Premium Range is our Marquis V series range, these tubs are spacious, powerful, and relaxing. These tubs make use of the Microsilk Skin Care System, releasing contentrated oxygenised bubbles directly to your skin, rejuvinating and hydrating. The V3 system allows you to control the flow of water, adjusting it for the perfect massage – just for you. Best of all, each model comes with multiple control panels, meaning everyone enjoying the tub can adjust their own flow. These tubs were made for hydrotherapy and relaxation.

Prices starting from £6,795

More than just a hot tub, it’s a new way of life

Ultimate Range

The Ultimate Range is our top of the line hot tubs, beautifully crafted, elegantly designed, with unique whirlpool therapy system. These tubs provide deep massages, hydrotherapy and H.O.T. therapy giving you a new lease of life from the moment you enter the water. With the option to add in Microsilk – you will feel like a new person every time you use your tub.

Prices starting from £7,995

Swim an ocean, in your garden

Swim Spas

Our Swim Spa range is perfect for those who want a swimming pool but lack the space, or want a high intensity workout. This range also includes the Whitewater-4 jet, a powerful single jet that provides phenominal force allowing you to train harder, it also allows for control of the flow to match your limits. Each Swim Spa comes with therapy jets to help you cool down after your swim or workout.

Prices starting from £18,995

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MicroSilk® by Marquis will help keep skin looking radiant and glowing.

There are numerous benefits to using MicroSilk with your Marquis hot tubs, from anti-aging to serotonin production, for a happier, healthier you.

MicroSilk® bubbles are approximately between 50 and 100 times smaller than usual hot tub bubbles, they are also negatively charged.

What does this mean?

The smaller bubbles carry a much more concentrated amount of oxygen, this leaves skin feeling refreshed, revitalised and looking radiant and glowing. Not to mention, smaller bubbles gives a much more luxurious bathe, by creating more bubbles they are evenly distributed around the body for an almost weightless feeling.

Negatively charged anions can improved serotonin levels in your body, by stimulating relaxation, you’ll begin to feel happier and soothed after a luxurious bathe in the hot tub. This helps you sleep better, and wake up easier.

MicroSilk also stimulates the Immune System, promotes healing, cell regeneration, cell respiration, and killing bacteria.


Adding that extra flare to your new Hot Tub
Our environment modules are crafted to the same standards that our hot tubs are built with. They are built to withstand all natural elements like wind, rain and snow, they are also durable, being able to withstand heavy use.


You can build your environment how you want it – all at once or piece by piece. Our flexibility means you can spread the cost of your Environment, or gives you time to experience the added functionality and decor that they bring before you decide to purchase more.

Our Counter Cabinet provides handy storage for all your hot tub items and can be used as a poolside bar for those Friday night glasses of wine.

Our Fillers help to create a seamless flow around your hot tub – these can be used as a bench to cool down or simply as a counter-top.

Our accents will add an extra flare to your hot tub. From Shelves, stools, planters and towel bars, add functionality and style with ease.

Smart Clean

Hygienic, efficient, automated.

Our SmartClean software knows when you’ve used to the hot tub, and will automatically perform a clean cycle. The cleaning cycles filter 100% of the water between 60-160 times a day – so you don’t have to! The SmartClean software helps reduce maintenance time and cost, meaning more time bathing and less time preparing.

You can also set cleaning cycles to occur when you aren’t using the hot tub to help keep your energy costs down.

How does it work?



Your personal masseuse.

Our hot tubs deliver the very best in hydrotherapy, by controlling flow, heat, and location of the water. Our specifically regulated water temperatures deliver waves of hot water into your deep muscles, aiding relaxation and relief. While you control the direction and intensity of the jets to focus on your specific areas of need. Sore feet? Switch the flow to focus on your lower body, tense back muscles? Switch the jets to focus on the upper body to provide a soothing, relieving back massage.